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  • Meeting Lab Recommerce

    mobilier meeting lab

    New meeting Lab Recommerce by LINDERA Group ! The meeting lab Recommerce takes place in the headquarters of Gentilly (94). Fortified by the Brio Design, the new concept of meeting lab for Recommerce comes within a development logic. Brio bets on the customer experience to break the codes of a new product and accepts the…

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  • Alinea new concept

    The Bordeaux Merignac (33) shop with the new Alinea concept moves. It extends to begin an experimental place with 7000m2 of sales point. This shop marks the changement operatef by the brand with a new visual identity. The new concept Alinea has been designed by CBA’retail and the new shopfittings were signed by LINDERA. End of partitions…

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  • Unseen : floral drive-through

    >>> FLOORE Beauvais (60) : an unseen floral drive through. Lindera Group participated in the realization of  this flower shop, that is making a floral drive-trough. We furnished standard furniture and some specific ones. See others realizations in floristry.

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  • Professionnalism, reactivity, quality…

    These are the 3 words used by our customers to speak about Lindera Group. And some customers are going faraway : « By working with Lindera, we are sure to have a skillfull, receptive team able to understand the specificities of our sector. » told by Jardiland Developement and Property Director. Discover others verbatims records and…

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