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New concept Undiz

The Lindera Group worked on the central furniture of the all new concept Undiz named “Undiz Machine”, visible in Toulouse downtown. This central furniture made by “osb”  woodwork includes the digital machine, the tubes arrival and the checkout. It brings natural and authentic to this concept.

Undiz central wood shopfitting

This new Undiz concept Undiz get together physical and digital. Pioneer, it runs a double dealing by proposing the products, crossing by a pneumatic tube network going to the storehouse in basement. The consumer choose the product wanted on one of the 4 touch screens and the produits arrives by one of the transparent tube, in a named cap.

This shop makes the buzz by his originality and his daring.

All the press speaks on it : Lsa conso, Les Echos or in video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXnu4-_YRe0