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New concept JARDILAND

Lindera Group furnished a part of the shop retail furniture of Bonneuil sur Marne (94), a shop pilot choose for the application of the new concept Jardiland.

More attractive, more efficient, this new concept Jardiland need to bring modernity to the ensign, to traduct the new brand strategy and to assert the shops like a pleasure and discovery place.

jardiland nouveau concept - mobilier Lindera

A new experience

« The committed position of the new concept Jardiland is to offer a customer experience really different of the food superstore, in order to bring an image, speech and customer relation of a specialist. Shop in shop, lighting reviewed to incite to stroll, furniture in natural materials, all associated to dark colors allow to add value to the products and innovative services, to create relationship and to express all the know-how of Jardiland.» (Descriptif complet par l’agence Intangibles ici)

Back to wood and natural

Natural materials have been introduced like wood, metal, kraft and stone to transmit the beauty and sensuality  and to create a simple and calm atmosphere.

Jagged, paited or customized, but never sophisticated, these materials suit the structural elements of the building, the suspended lighting and the numerous furnitures, which associated with dark and contrasted colours, highlight the products. Some orange touch cry out, guide, underline and traduct the generous nature of the brand.

Focus on the furniture

The furniture produced by Lindera answer totally the objectifs of the brand and of each universe. The furniture of the new concept Jardiland is separated in 3 : gondolas & racks, wood furniture and counters. The different furnitures live inside the store by creating a living and modular display, which break the rules of superstore.

Gondolas and racks furniture

The gondolas and racks finished with wood give an authentic style. For example, here with the Plants Pharmacy :

mobilier gondoles habillage bois by Lindera


The ceilings bring contrast with a suspended pergola like “Jardin Déco” universes :

plafond jardin déco by Lindera


Wood furniture

The wood has been used on wall and on central to arrange authentic and warm group of furnitures. Using furnitures with various and numerous forms create a contrast and underline the different spaces of the store.

Somes examples with steps effets for the flowers market, dramatization space avec different wood tables pour the hothouse.

MAF en bois by Linderazone animation Jardiland by Lindera

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