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88% Satisfied ClientsSatisfaction Study 2017

Satisfied clients : a priority!

Concerned by our clients, we wanted to  estimate our clients level of satisfaction. The results of a study lead by an independant organism, Init Marketing (spécialized in marketing study) showed that :

88% of daily satisfied clients.

Spontaneously, our clients use the words professionnalism, reactivity and qualitty to describe Lindera Group.

The clients see us like a human size, modern, innovative and dynamic company.

Our 3 trade are well identified : standard furniture, made to measure furniture avec retail works all trades.

30% of our clients judge Lindera Group as best as our competitors.

Our satisfaction levels are consistents and positives no matter the activity sector or the size of our clients. Small, medium or big accounts are traited as equals.

35% of our clients will recommande our services to Lindera Group.

Satisfied clients… and they let you know about :

  • « By working with Lindera, we are sure to have a skillfull, receptive team able to understand the specificities of our sector. » Jardiland Developement and Property Director
  • « I appreciate the flexibility of the laying team, which knows how to deal with our imperatives on the construction site. » Franchised La Foir’Fouille
  • « I confirm that the gondolas furniture of Lindera group are top quality and strong. » Stokomani General Director
  • « The solutions proposed by the Lindera teams answered all my expectations, no bad surprise ! » Celio Architecture Works and Maintenance Director
  • « For all our construction sites, we have a dedicated team always concerned about our expectations, respectful of the brand image. » Vins Nicolas Works Director
  • « I strongly recommend Lindera Group, because i’m 100% confident in there capacity to realize the project, like i invent it. » Essentiel Factory Fondator and Creative Director
  • « When we choose to collaborate with Lindera, we are sure to have a realization that respect the concept the agency created for the client ! » CBA Retail et Architecture Building Director
  • « Lindera team was aware to manage a major big project : the network extension that include a 5 multisite delivery in a week. » Retail 3D Associate Director

This first study confirmed us the improvement points to make. We created a dedicated team to answer those points. We became aware of the importance of the client satisfaction and we are working every day to improve the global relation with our clients.

Phone study made on a typical sample of 370 clients from 30th of october to 27th of november 2017 by Init Marketing.