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Know-howTailored to your Furniture and Works projects

  • Management of the tender process, analysis of the project, clear definition of needs, study of the best price/quality ratios, manufacturing, installation: the Lindera Group steers your entire project and your dedicated project manager will be with you every step of the way, and of course the confidentiality of your plans is guaranteed.
  • Thanks to its high level of technical skill and expertise in manufacturing, the design office team carries out an in-depth analysis of every project. Technical drawings, choice and recommendation of materials, combinations of materials, 3D technology: your project gradually comes to life and becomes a reality, and you will be able to follow that process closely all the way through.
  • Whatever the project, all the manufacturing plans are produced in-house, in line with the standards laid down by the Lindera Group. And whatever the sources of the materials procured, the quality is always faultless, including when price is a decisive issue.
  • The logistics and order tracking departments can rely on a well-oiled organisation. As far the installation department is concerned, its reliability and professionalism are total, thanks to our highly experienced shopfitters.