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Alinea new concept

nouveau concept Alinea

The Bordeaux Merignac (33) shop with the new Alinea concept moves. It extends to begin an experimental place with 7000m2 of sales point. This shop marks the changement operatef by the brand with a new visual identity. The new concept Alinea has been designed by CBA’retail and the new shopfittings were signed by LINDERA. End of partitions and pre-established process, make way fot a new circulation where the furniture is mixed the the self-service in a singular and mediterranean atmosphere.

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For the shopfitting, the gondolas, podiums and tables are furnished by LINDERA Group. Mix of metal and wood, these retail furnitures  fit perfectly with the Alinea concept for a product presentation more proficient. Thanks to the Alinea and CBA’ teams, each furniture have been thinking and designed for each product presentation. A lot of specific furnitures have been created just to answer the Alinea concept store.

mobilier gondoles luminaires concept alinea

nouveau mobilier gondoles concept alinea

mobilier literie concept alinea

mobilier restauration concept alinea

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